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6 t/m 9 februari 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Nathalie Nabarro


In 30 minutes on Saturday, Take one shot of Joy and one cup of Laughter! Boost your Health !

Based on scientist facts, laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells, triggers the release of endorphins. Laughing is one of the best anti-stress measures to practice. In an interactive lecture I am going to show you the power of laughter. The body doesn't make the difference between a natural laugh and a forced laugh. It soon turns into a real contagious laughter. 

Let's make the experience childlike playfulness and laugh without reason. 

I believe the importance of feeding your mind with positive thoughts, to putting actions on it in order to be able to choose your life.

Nathalie Nabarro grew up in a French speaking family in Brussels, Belgium and is a proud mother of 2 fantastic young people.

She practices what she preaches and constantly strives to follow her vision to “be the best version of yourself”. 

As life coach using tools like the neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP) and positive psychology, she teaches people how to feel happy, to find the “joie de vivre” and to laugh. Educated by Institut Français du Yoga du Rire & Rire-Santé, she shares the vision of the Laughter Yoga (created by Dr.Madan Kataria) which is to make people laugh as much as possible and building bridges between different cultures, people, and countries around the world, making a positive manifestation for oneself and for world peace.

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