Ticketverkoop start november 2019
6 t/m 9 februari 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Christina Rexen & Anja Westphall Dyrholm


Half the population on Earth have periods for a large part of their lives. Yet no major period innovations have happened in over 50 years.

Come and listen to OrganiCup - the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces pads and tampons.

You will not only learn what a menstrual cup is, but also about the environmental impact period products have. How can we, as consumers, help the planet by switching to a more sustainable period product?

Even today, menstruation is surrounded by silence, myths and taboos and women and girls worldwide face numerous challenges in managing their period. Challenges that differ depending on social norms, culture, education and geography. These are issues that we greatly care about. As our product can make a huge difference to underprivileged people, we have partnered up with NGOs around the world - also in developed countries where many struggle with being able to afford period products.

Creating this new world is what it’s about. We’re on a journey to change the way periods effect our lives, our bodies and our environment.

Together we’re unfolding a #NewPeriod. Of periods.

Kom naar de lezing van OrganiCup op het Vrouwenzorgplein.