Ticketverkoop start november 2019
6 t/m 9 februari 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Jentschura International

Love is alkaline
Our health affects our emotions and our capacity to interact with others in meaningful ways. To improve and guard our health, make and provide healthy choices and to overcome physical and emotional taboos can make every one of us resources of progress, hope and help in our family and communities. Learn about the true meaning of the alkaline lifestyle with a focus on easy and accessible self-help and individual health empowerment and substitute good intentions with acts of love and giving. This lecture shows how health choices can, in a very practical way, be an expression of respect and love for ourselves and others.

Training for the top
As altitudes get higher, oxygen levels get lower. Learn how to make maximum use of whatever oxygen your body can still obtain and metabolize - in high altitudes and low temperatures. Scarce oxygen may be just as critical in high altitudes as it is with polluted urban air and retarded blood circulation from a sedative life- and work-style. Are you inspired? Discover how the Dr Jentschura 3-steps-program gets you through your alkaline winter of extremes!

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